The markets are rallying exuberantly for BTC for a couple of reasons this March.

Institutional investors bought deep after the SEC opened up Wall Street access to Bitcoin price exposure through custodial spot ETFs. That only adds to the scarcity shock with the supply halving coming up next month.

However, many blockchain crypto trading strategists think it is hard to overstate the importance of the ETF approvals by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The new paradigm does not merely allow regulated investors to do so.

It caps off a year of incredibly welcoming and accommodating policies for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in United States courtrooms and legislatures. The risk of the U.S. passing onerous regulations has long been an important headwind for Bitcoin prices in the market.

As a result of the SEC approving Bitcoin ETFs, that threat is vastly diminished. Instead, you can now buy some of the base layer blockchain cryptocurrency on Wall Street from the same…

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