This bull run is cyclical in nature, and these seven signals suggest it is just getting started.

Just three weeks ago, on Feb. 12, Bitcoin’s price crossed the $50,000 threshold. Fundstrat Global Advisors Head of Digital Strategy Sean Farrell said, “This rally in the near term certainly has some room to run.”

He was right!

The spot rally on cryptocurrency exchanges surged to just past $70,000 on Friday, Mar. 5, before retracing to where it is currently. So, after crossing $50,000, the rally sure had some room to run.

But here are eight signs it has room to run yet after re-gaining its highest price ever for the first time in just under two-and-a-half years.

1. The Fed Rate Hasn’t Even Dropped

The Bitcoin price is soaring to new all-time highs, and the federal funds rate for borrowing U.S. dollars has not even started to drop. The last time Bitcoin’s price soared this high, the dollar supply was at high tide, and the Fed held rates down low. This time, it…

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