arXiv:2405.00844v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: The full realization of smart city technology is dependent on the secure and honest collaboration between IoT applications and edge-computing. In particular, resource constrained IoT devices may rely on fog-computing to alleviate the computing load of IoT tasks. Mutual authentication is needed between IoT and fog to preserve IoT data security, and monetization of fog services is needed to promote the fog service ecosystem. However, there is no guarantee that fog nodes will always respond to IoT requests correctly, either intentionally or accidentally. In the public decentralized IoT-fog environment, it is crucial to enforce integrity among fog nodes. In this paper, we propose a blockchain-based system that 1) streamlines the mutual authentication service monetization between IoT and fog, 2) verifies the integrity of fog nodes via service audits, and 3) discourages malicious activity and promotes honesty among fog nodes through incentives and penalties.

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