Conservatism, in the literal and not political sense, has always been a core part of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Satoshi himself was very cautious and thorough in his original design attempts, and developers since have tried to be very cautious and thorough in the development process after his departure.

Numerous pieces of technology have been developed originally for Bitcoin, eventually being tested on other networks specifically out of that caution. Confidential Transactions, one of the core pieces of technology underlying Monero? It was created by Gregory Maxwell for Bitcoin. It was not implemented due to large inefficiencies in terms of data size, and because of the fact that it fundamentally changed cryptographic assumptions.

All cryptography used in Bitcoin relies on the discrete log assumption, that factoring two prime numbers of large enough size is not possible. If this assumption breaks, everyone’s private keys are crackable from their public keys. Confidential Transactions,…

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