[PRESS RELEASE – São Paulo, Brazil, March 29th, 2024]

Acura Capital, a leading Brazilian Web2 funds with $1.8 billion in assets under management and $3 billion under custody, announces a new product to be launched with its close Web3 ally — Patex, the largest blockchain ecosystem for Latin America.

Acura Capital is excited to unveil its latest venture: a cutting-edge digital bank. This product promises to redefine banking with an innovative approach tailored to the digital age. The main focus is on security, efficiency, and inclusivity.

This revolutionary digital bank is designed to meet the unique needs of the Latin American market. It offers a blend of traditional banking services with modern cryptocurrency features.

Revolutionizing Digital Banking in The Region

Leveraging Acura Capital’s financial expertise and Patex’s blockchain experience, the new digital bank aims to tackle the unique challenges of the Latin American economy.

The bank will offer a…

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