As co-founder Gabby Dizon tells it, Yield Guild Games always aimed to be much more than a guild. The vision was to help other groups of crypto gamers unite, collaborate, and thrive together. It just had to start somewhere.

“The biggest problem of any platform starting out is that no one really cares about you, right?” he told Decrypt’s GG. “And for us, the way to reach that goal long-term was to be the biggest guild ourselves. And we were able to achieve that with Axie Infinity.”

When Axie Infinity’s monster-battling, token-earning model became lucrative amid the crypto and NFT bull run of 2021, play-to-earn gaming suddenly looked like the future. Yield Guild Games was already proving an adjacent business model as the biggest operator of “scholarships,” or lending gaming NFTs to players and taking a cut of their in-game winnings.

Investment from Andreessen Horowitz and other VC heavyweights followed, while infamous crypto exchange FTX even “sponsored” Axie players

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