Rossen is a core contributor at Azuro, an infrastructure/liquidity layer for on-chain predictions. It utilizes a new Liquidity Pool design, the Liquidity Tree, which creates and maintains market liquidity.

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Azuro is an infrastructure/liquidity layer for on-chain predictions. It utilizes a Liquidity Pool design, the Liquidity Tree to create and maintain market liquidity.

The Azuro Protocol is a decentralized protocol that enables peer-to-pool prediction markets without intermediaries. It’s built on EVM-compatible blockchains and consists of several smart contracts that handle different aspects of the prediction process, such as liquidity pools, odds, live betting, and payouts. The protocol uses a hybrid oracle/ automated market maker solution to determine the odds of different outcomes and to ensure that the process is fair and transparent.

Azuro supports thousands of sports markets and other games, plus a rich feature set, which can be utilized by anyone permissionlessly for the creation of apps, embedded integrations or derivative products.

The human desire to take risk for a gain is more widespread than ever. A generation of degens within and outside of crypto is here. A bet was one of the first forms of contract used by ancient people.

Azuro enters the space with the mission to break down the barriers, creating a protocol dependent on community participation and ownership. A piece of critical on-chain infrastructure which acts as a black hole for liquidity for decentralized predictions and gaming.

Azuro’s approach to concentrating liquidity can deliver much deeper liquidity vs any centralized options. Azuro’s tooling and oracle solutions can be utilized by any blockchain, starting with EVM-compatible ones. Azuro’s open design will allow anyone to launch a prediction site/app with no upfront costs and zero risk management capacity needed.

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