Founder: Evan Kaloudis

Date Founded: 2019, block 563345; incorporated in 2023

Location of Headquarters: No HQ; fully remote

Amount of Bitcoin Held in Treasury: Not disclosed

Number of Employees: 2


Public or Private? Private

On April 26, 2024, Evan Kaloudis drew a line in the sand.

In the wake of the news of the Samourai Wallet developers getting arrested and Phoenix Wallet halting service to US customers, he made it public that he was going to fight like hell for self-custody Bitcoin and Lightning Network wallets like the one he created, ZEUS, to continue to exist.

The right to privately self custody your bitcoin in the United States, he argued, had to be defended at all costs.

Kaloudis’ words cut through the tension in the Bitcoin space, especially on X, where the feeling of despair was palpable.

A week and a half after Kaloudis made his deeply felt statement, I…

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