I wanted to share some thoughts on a seemingly overlooked innovation that has come to Bitcoin within the last year, called Bitpacs.

Bitpac stands for a Bitcoin Based Publicly Auditable Cooperative. Bitpacs are essentially normal bitcoin multisig wallets with the additional introduction of public auditability. Traditionally in a multisig setup, participants of the multisig are not disclosed. In a Bitpac multisig, participants are intentionally made public, which allows for transparent auditability. With this transparency, unique features, tooling, rules, and transaction crafting is possible. The goal of Bitpacs is to emulate the familiar DAO experience on other chains.

DAO’s are marketed as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. However, Ethereum and other altcoin based DAOs only inherit the “decentralization” of their chain, so will not be as decentralized as the same experience built on Bitcoin. DAO’s are also not autonomous, as humans control and shape the decisions they…

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