arXiv:2402.18093v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: The proliferation of phishing sites and emails poses significant challenges to existing cybersecurity efforts. Despite advances in spam filters and email security protocols, problems with oversight and false positives persist. Users often struggle to understand why emails are flagged as spam, risking the possibility of missing important communications or mistakenly trusting phishing emails.
This study introduces ChatSpamDetector, a system that uses large language models (LLMs) to detect phishing emails. By converting email data into a prompt suitable for LLM analysis, the system provides a highly accurate determination of whether an email is phishing or not. Importantly, it offers detailed reasoning for its phishing determinations, assisting users in making informed decisions about how to handle suspicious emails. We conducted an evaluation using a comprehensive phishing email dataset and compared our system to several LLMs and baseline systems. We confirmed that our system using GPT-4 has superior detection capabilities with an accuracy of 99.70%. Advanced contextual interpretation by LLMs enables the identification of various phishing tactics and impersonations, making them a potentially powerful tool in the fight against email-based phishing threats.

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