[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 18th, 2024]

  • COG plans to widen its global presence in the US, EU, Middle East & Africa, and Asia in 2024
  • The company aims to onboard 100 million users by 2026
  • COG intends to scale rapidly through strategic investments and partnerships.
  • It seeks to establish itself as the leading premier global hub for casual gaming.

Circle of Games (COG), has raised $1 million in equity funding from strategic investors Nazara Technologies FZ LLC, (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nazara Technologies Limited) and The Hashgraph Association, the Swiss-based organization at the forefront of global digital enablement for Hedera. Hedera is the world’s leading distributed ledger technology.

Nazara is India’s largest and only listed gaming company with a presence across eSports, Sports Media, Gaming studios, and Adtech. The company recently pledged USD 100 million to invest in successful and innovative brands and IPs…

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