[Submitted on 14 Mar 2024]

Download a PDF of the paper titled Counter-Samples: A Stateless Strategy to Neutralize Black Box Adversarial Attacks, by Roey Bokobza and 1 other authors

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Abstract:Our paper presents a novel defence against black box attacks, where attackers use the victim model as an oracle to craft their adversarial examples. Unlike traditional preprocessing defences that rely on sanitizing input samples, our stateless strategy counters the attack process itself. For every query we evaluate a counter-sample instead, where the counter-sample is the original sample optimized against the attacker’s objective. By countering every black box query with a targeted white box optimization, our strategy effectively introduces an asymmetry to the game to the defender’s advantage. This defence not only effectively misleads the attacker’s search for an adversarial example, it also preserves the model’s accuracy on legitimate inputs and is generic to multiple types of attacks.

We demonstrate that our approach is remarkably effective against state-of-the-art black box attacks and outperforms existing defences for both the CIFAR-10 and ImageNet datasets. Additionally, we also show that the proposed defence is robust against strong adversaries as well.

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