In an analysis shared with his nearly 100,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), the crypto analyst known by the pseudonym Xremlin (@0x_gremlin) has pinpointed Base as the burgeoning hub for memecoin enthusiasts and investors. This proclamation follows a season of unprecedented gains in the Solana memecoin market, with tokens like BOME, WIF, and SLERF achieving returns ranging from 300x to 1000x.

Xremlin’s insight into the crypto market dynamics suggests a potential replication of these astronomical returns on Base, underlined by a tweet stating, “Meme traders on Solana printed millions this season: BOME: 800x, WIF: 1000x, SLERF: 300x. BASE season is just revving up, and might have a similar rally.”

The transition of focus towards Base is attributed by the analyst to its association with Coinbase and an upcoming product launch aimed at simplifying on-chain trading. Xremlin elaborates, “Why Base? Coinbase has a large user base in the US, but trading on-chain can be too complex for normies. Soon, Coinbase will launch a product that enables its CEX users [100M+] to trade on Base without requiring seed phrases or private keys.”

This move is anticipated to significantly lower the entry barriers for new investors, potentially catalyzing a memecoin rally on the Base platform.

However, amidst the excitement, Xremlin issues a word of caution to their followers: “Remember: Investing in memes is high risk. Only bet what you can afford to lose. Projects might rug, slow rug, or suddenly tank by 50%-70% when the hype fades.” This cautionary advice reflects the inherent volatility and risk associated with memecoin investments, where the line between significant gains and losses can be remarkably thin.

Diving Into The Top Crypto Memecoins On Base

Xremlin’s curated list of Base memecoins is not only varied but also rich with potential, highlighting projects inspired by cultural references, pets of notable figures, and even caricatures of industry leaders. Here’s a closer look at the analyst’s picks:

  • TOSHI: Touted as a tribute to Brian Armstrong’s cat, named after the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, TOSHI represents a playful investment opportunity. Xremlin notes, “TOSHI could be the flagship memecoin of Base, drawing on the crypto community’s reverence for Nakamoto and Armstrong’s influence.”
  • DEGEN: With its strategic distribution to Farcaster users, DEGEN taps into a community already engaged and familiar with crypto, setting a precedent for community-driven value.
  • DOGINME: This memecoin capitalizes on the popular phrase “Got that dog in him,” embodying the resilience and tenacity celebrated in crypto trading…

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