Here’s an extremely specific problem: Say you take a photo of your pet and put it online. Then, let’s say that photo becomes a viral meme. Eventually, that meme inspires a crypto token that rapidly generates hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars in value. 

Soon your pet is the hottest thing in crypto. Soon, she’s making anonymous traders you’ve never met into millionaires—but not you. Soon, depictions of your pet—both cute and less savory—are flowing in insular Discord and Telegram chats the world over. 

Let’s say you want that all to stop. What then? 

Ever since there have been meme coins, there have been pet owners dragged along for the ride—willingly or unwillingly—into the depths of crypto culture’s greatest excesses. Sometimes, relationships between these pet owners and the crypto communities they’ve inadvertently given rise to have flourished; sometimes, they’ve sparked uncomfortable tensions

Now, an escalating feud between a cat owner…

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