arXiv:2404.06635v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: The deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is occurring at a rapid pace. Simultaneously, existing standards, such as ISO 15118, which defines critical charging communication, are being improved and further developed. In this paper, we conduct a measurement study of already deployed DC charging stations to analyze the current state of deployment for various protocols. We present the adoption of TLS, and various EV charging protocols with a direct security impact, as well as observations about the Signal Level Attenuation Characterization (SLAC) process, and encryption keys.
Our results indicate that even recently installed charging stations (December 2023) do not adhere to the latest version of the standard, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. We found that 84% of the surveyed charging stations do not implement Transport Layer Security (TLS), and are thus unable to implement the latest versions of the ISO 15118 protocol, leaving them vulnerable to attacks already demonstrated years ago. Finally, we observe and document anomalous behavior and violations of the standard.

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