[Submitted on 6 Mar 2024]

Download a PDF of the paper titled DeepEclipse: How to Break White-Box DNN-Watermarking Schemes, by Alessandro Pegoraro and 3 other authors

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Abstract:Deep Learning (DL) models have become crucial in digital transformation, thus raising concerns about their intellectual property rights. Different watermarking techniques have been developed to protect Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) from IP infringement, creating a competitive field for DNN watermarking and removal methods. The predominant watermarking schemes use white-box techniques, which involve modifying weights by adding a unique signature to specific DNN layers. On the other hand, existing attacks on white-box watermarking usually require knowledge of the specific deployed watermarking scheme or access to the underlying data for further training and fine-tuning. We propose DeepEclipse, a novel and unified framework designed to remove white-box watermarks. We present obfuscation techniques that significantly differ from the existing white-box watermarking removal schemes. DeepEclipse can evade watermark detection without prior knowledge of the underlying watermarking scheme, additional data, or training and fine-tuning. Our evaluation reveals that DeepEclipse excels in breaking multiple white-box watermarking schemes, reducing watermark detection to random guessing while maintaining a similar model accuracy as the original one. Our framework showcases a promising solution to address the ongoing DNN watermark protection and removal challenges.

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