[Submitted on 30 Apr 2024]

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Abstract:With the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, intelligent systems are increasingly integrating into everyday life and people’s homes. However, the proliferation of these technologies raises concerns about the security of smart home devices. These devices often face resource constraints and may connect to unreliable networks, posing risks to the data they handle. Securing IoT technology is crucial due to the sensitive data involved.

Preventing energy attacks and ensuring the security of IoT infrastructure are key challenges in modern smart homes. Monitoring energy consumption can be an effective approach to detecting abnormal behavior and IoT cyberattacks. Lightweight algorithms are necessary to accommodate the resource limitations of IoT devices.

This paper presents a lightweight technique for detecting energy consumption attacks on smart home devices by analyzing received packets. The proposed algorithm considers TCP, UDP, and MQTT protocols, as well as device statuses (Idle, active, under attack). It accounts for resource constraints and promptly alerts administrators upon detecting an attack. The proposed approach effectively identifies energy consumption attacks by measuring packet reception rates for different protocols.

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