arXiv:2403.15638v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: Ensuring the privacy of Large Language Models (LLMs) is becoming increasingly important. The most widely adopted technique to accomplish this is DP-SGD, which trains a model in such a way that guarantees Differential Privacy (DP). However, DP-SGD requires longer training times and larger memory requirements than SGD, while overestimating an adversary’s capabilities in having white box access to the model. A more realistic scenario assumes only black-box access to a privacy-sensitive LLM. Motivated by these observations, we present Private Mixing of Ensemble Distributions (PMixED): a private prediction protocol that achieves practical next-token prediction by projecting each of the model’s output distribution from an ensemble of fine-tuned LLMs onto a set around a public LLM’s output distribution, then averaging the projected distributions and sampling from it. Our approach is more lightweight than DP-SGD in that it is model agnostic, instead providing differential privacy at prediction rather than during training. Our results show that PMixED achieves a stronger privacy guarantee than sample-level privacy and outperforms DP-SGD for privacy $\epsilon = 8$ on large-scale datasets.

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