Whether you’re young, mid-career, or playing the back nine, Roth IRAs can be an important tool for your financial goals. Four case studies below will illustrate how by combining Roth IRAs with bitcoin, you can save for retirement, optimize for your personal tax situation during retirement, and leave your bitcoin for the next generation.

These are hypothetical case studies based on our experiences, not real people. They’re intended to help you better understand how bitcoin Roth IRAs can fit into many types of retirement plans. Hence, they’re for educational purposes—you should discuss all personal situations with a financial, tax, or legal expert.

  1. Sally the super stacker: Saving for retirement
  2. Rod is retirement ready: Entering retirement
  3. Larry wants to leave a legacy: Inheritance
  4. “Why Would I?” Wayne: Reasons not to Roth

1. Sally the super stacker: Saving for retirement

Sally is in her early 30s and has fallen down the bitcoin rabbit hole. Sally views bitcoin as the best…

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