OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that the company’s current and most advanced artificial intelligence model—widely regarded as the best generative AI tool to date—“kind of sucks,” and promised the world will agree when GPT-4.5 is superceded by GPT-5 when it’s released in a few months.

In a recent interview with AI researcher Lex Fridman, ltman unpacked current state of artificial intelligence technology and the red-hot AI industry. In the two-hour-long, wide-ranging conversation, Altman and Fridman discussed the prospects for achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), the OpenAI board coup drama, and his feelings about colleague Ilya Sutskever and competitor Elon Musk.

Altman also addressed the company’s approach to open-source technology and the importance of democratizing AI.

Here are five key takeaways from the interview that you may have missed:

1. “We will release an amazing model this year”

The highly anticipated GPT-5 update is now visible on the horizon, with…

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