While superhero movies have been huge at the box office for years, video games have been slow to catch up. Maybe studios don’t want to try to measure up to the likes of the Batman Arkham games or Spider-Man games. Maybe they’re worried about ending up like Marvel’s Avengers, the live-service co-op superhero game that came and went a few years ago.

Whatever the reason, we’ve gone for years without many good superhero games aside from the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, which released its latest entry just last year. But now we have a bunch of other Marvel Comics games on the horizon from different studios—many of which have impressive talent and track records.

Keep in mind that some of these games are quite a ways out. None of them have firm release dates, footage, screenshots, confirmed platforms, or even confirmed titles—just formal announcements. But that’s plenty to start dreaming over.

Here’s a look at every upcoming Marvel game with all of the known details.

Marvel’s Wolverine

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