When Lucasfilm Games awarded Electronic Arts the Star Wars license in 2013, it seemed like a huge coup for the developer. In that time, the publisher managed to release just a handful of Star Wars games, and they weren’t without controversy.

Most recently, Electronic Arts announced that the first-person shooter from Respawn—the studio behind Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its sequel, as well as the Titanfall series—has been canceled.

But it’s a new era for Star Wars games, and a bunch of studios are working on their own adventures set in a galaxy far, far away. Here’s what to look forward to.

Star Wars Outlaws

The reputation for Star Wars as being a story about space wizards named Skywalker or Palpatine is strong—strong enough that we’d rarely get stories about the other corners of the Star Wars universe up until fairly recently.

Games are no different. We had a run of excellent games inspired by Star Wars dogfights in the 1990s and 2000s, but it’s mostly still Jedi and Sith…

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