There’s good reason to believe the enigmatic Shiba Inu meme coin founder “Ryoshi” is sitting on 10% of the total SHIB supply, despite repeatedly claiming to own no SHIB tokens.

It might even be more accurate to say they own 17% of the supply, considering that 41% of the tokens had been burned by 2022. Regardless, Ryoshi may be holding a SHIB fortune worth $1.8 billion at today’s prices, according to an analysis by crypto forensics firm Bubblemaps. That means when SHIB’s market cap ballooned to $41 billion on October 30, 2021, Ryoshi would have had a meme coin fortune worth $4 billion. 

The company says blockchain data suggests that the meme coin founder not only holds a large portion of the SHIB supply but has over time made attempts to conceal the holdings by splitting up the stash into…

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