It may be easy, even comforting, to imagine that using AI tools involves interacting with a purely objective, stoic, independent machine that knows nothing about you. But between cookies, device identifiers, login and account requirements, and even the occasional human reviewer, the voracious appetite online services have for your data seems insatiable.

Privacy is a major concern that both consumers and governments have about the pervasive spread of AI. Across the board, platforms highlight their privacy features—even if they’re hard to find. (Paid and business plans often exclude training on submitted data entirely.) But any time a chatbot “remembers” something can still feel intrusive.

In this article, we will explain how to tighten your AI privacy settings by deleting your previous chats and conversations and by turning off settings in ChatGPT, Gemini (formerly Bard), Claude, Copilot, and Meta AI that allow developers to train their systems on your data. These instructions…

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