REDMOND, WASHINGTON 4 March 2024 – $KARMA released the largest fungible token airdrop in Bitcoin history to over 61,000 wallets on February 27. In true Web3 tradition, the collection was launched by a seven-member $KARMA Council, bringing together 10 leading Ordinals communities behind $KARMA’s mission.

The $KARMA Council’s airdrop aims to foster a sense of community amongst early Ordinals participants and bolster the burgeoning ecosystem.

Strength in Numbers: Growing the Ordinals Ecosystem

$KARMA is a token launched by a seven-member council, including four representatives from the OnChainMonkey (OCM) community: Soldman Gachs (@DrSoldmanGachs), Fitzy (@fitzyOG), Rabbi (@RabbiGains), and Drheref (@DrHeref). They are joined by BennyTheDev (@rarity_garden) and Alex Philippine (@Skrylabs) from Tap Protocol, bringing their technical expertise. Jason Fang (@JasonSoraVC) from Sora Ventures, a lead investor in Metagood, creators of OnChainMonkey, and the Tap Protocol is the final…

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