Bezalel Eithan Raviv, a former member of Israel’s IDF Cyber Unit 8200, is the CEO and founder of Lionsgate Network, a digital platform that specializes in providing professional fund recovery services for participants in the crypto ecosystem.

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Lionsgate Network is a digital platform that specializes in providing professional recovery services for investors navigating the uncertain financial landscape of digital currencies. The proliferation of scams and frauds has created unique challenges for investors seeking to recover their funds, and Lionsgate Network is positioned to offer effective solutions.

With a team of blockchain analysts and cyber advisors based in Israel, Lionsgate Network leverages the country’s status in cyber intelligence and blockchain analysis to establish trustworthy financial systems for individual investors. Using innovative techniques, the company has a proven track record of successfully recovering investors’ funds.

The Hamas attack on Israel has prompted renewed efforts by U.S. authorities to eradicate the financial networks of terrorists. In Israel, the National Bureau for Counter-Terror Financing, together with Israeli police and intelligence agencies, launched an operation to locate and freeze Hamas’ crypto accounts. Lionsgate Network joined the effort and was successful in identifying and intercepting crypto accounts linked to Hamas.

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