arXiv:2404.00062v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: Post Quantum and Quantum Cryptography schemes are feasible quantum computer applications for 7G networks. These schemes could possibly replace existing schemes. These algorithms have been compromised by advances in quantum search algorithms run on quantum computers like Shor algorithm. Shor algorithm is a quantum algorithm for finding the prime factors of an integer which is the basis of existing algorithm. This has become an available quantum computer application putting the use of ESA algorithm at risk. Our recent paper provides a detailed survey of the work on post quantum and quantum cryptography algorithms with focus on their applicability in 7G networks.
Since the paper focuses on the cryptography algorithms as a follow up, in this paper, we provide a new framework for quantum network optimization and survey in detail the work on enabling technologies (quantum hardware) for the practical implementation of these algorithms including the most important segments of quantum hardware in 7G. As always in engineering practice practical solutions are a compromise between the performance and complexity of the implementation. For this reason, as the main contribution, the paper presents a network and computer applications optimization framework that includes implementation imperfections. The tools should be useful in optimizing future generation practical computer system design. After that a comprehensive survey of the existing work on quantum hardware is presented pointing out the sources of these imperfections. This enables us to make a fair assessment of how much investment into quantum hardware improvements contributes to the performance enhancement of the overall system. In this way a decision can be made on proper partitioning between the investment in hardware and system level complexity.

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