arXiv:2404.10790v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: Adversarial machine learning attacks on video action recognition models is a growing research area and many effective attacks were introduced in recent years. These attacks show that action recognition models can be breached in many ways. Hence using these models in practice raises significant security concerns. However, there are very few works which focus on defending against or detecting attacks. In this work, we propose a novel universal detection method which is compatible with any action recognition model. In our extensive experiments, we show that our method consistently detects various attacks against different target models with high true positive rates while satisfying very low false positive rates. Tested against four state-of-the-art attacks targeting four action recognition models, the proposed detector achieves an average AUC of 0.911 over 16 test cases while the best performance achieved by the existing detectors is 0.645 average AUC. This 41.2% improvement is enabled by the robustness of the proposed detector to varying attack methods and target models. The lowest AUC achieved by our detector across the 16 test cases is 0.837 while the competing detector’s performance drops as low as 0.211. We also show that the proposed detector is robust to varying attack strengths. In addition, we analyze our method’s real-time performance with different hardware setups to demonstrate its potential as a practical defense mechanism.

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