arXiv:2404.02425v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: AIoT devices have attracted significant attention within the 3GPP organization. These devices, distinguished from conventional IoT devices, do not rely on additional batteries or have extremely small battery capacities, offering features such as low cost, easy deployment, and maintenance-free operation. Authentication and secure transmission are fundamental security requirements for AIoT devices. However, existing standard security mechanisms are not specifically designed for AIoT devices due to their complex key hierarchies and multi-round interactions, making them unsuitable. Besides, AIoT devices would have more various communication topologies. Therefore, we propose dedicated ultra-lightweight access authentication protocols based on various technologies and algorithms to serve as a forward-looking reference for future research and standardization. Analysis and simulation experiments using chips that closely resemble real AIoT devices, demonstrate that the existing standard protocols are indeed not suitable for such devices, and our protocols outperform existing standard protocols in terms of computational time and energy consumption. After the successful execution of proposed protocols, they can achieve secure transmission of application data, striking a balance between performance and security.

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