Ordinal Derangement Syndrome (ODS) is a real phenomenon. As a neutral observer from Bitcoin Magazine, I aim to address the misconceptions and dismissive attitudes toward Ordinals in the Bitcoin community, revealing the overlooked complexities and potential within what I term ‘Ordinal Derangement Syndrome’ (ODS).

ODS emerges as a significant phenomenon within a segment of the Bitcoin community, characterized by an oversimplification and dismissive attitude toward Ordinals, often cavalier in nature. As an employee of Bitcoin Magazine, who remains neutral toward Ordinals but is tired of the baseless criticism aimed not just at our publication but at Bitcoin innovations at large, I feel compelled to share my perspective. Contrary to some assertions, our coverage does not obsess over Ordinals nor provide coverage to an unreasonable extent.

The conversation about Ordinals amongst detractors is frequently reduced to unfounded accusations of scams or spam clogging the mempool, which reflects…

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