Mikhil Pandey is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Persistence Labs, building Persistence One a purpose built Layer 1 on a mission to maximize yield and security through Liquid Staking & Restaking.

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Persistence One is one of the first Cosmos app chains and has been relentlessly building at the edge of the Proof-of-Stake landscape since 2019. Ehile staking attracts a large number of participants in their pursuit to earn rewards and provide better network security, significant potential TVL and activity have been siloed away from the DeFi landscape into PoS. Reversely, the emergence of DeFi has highlighted the limited utility that staked assets provide compared to the composability and financial opportunities available in the vibrant DeFi space, thereby taking away from the attractiveness of staking to secure the chain. Liquid Staking solves this problem, enabling users and their additional liquidity to enter DeFi by allowing PoS token holders to stake and participate in DeFi at the same time. Liquid stakers receive liquid-staked representative tokens that can be used across DeFi ecosystems, while earning rewards from their underlying staked tokens and supporting the underlying networks. As Liquid Staking becomes more broadly adopted, users are looking for opportunities to put their Liquid Staked Assets to good use and generate more yield. Persistence aims to make that user journey as smooth as possible by offering a wide array of use cases within the ecosystem.


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