Private Jet Pyjama Party (PJPP) isn’t your typical NFT collection. Billed as a “digital membership club,” it’s carved out a niche for itself as a community of high achievers and entrepreneurs brought together by their appreciation for the finer things in life.

“They are not really your typical, I would say, crypto bro—or they’re not so crypto-native,” PJPP owner Mo Abrishamchi told Decrypt, adding that around a third of PJPP holders don’t own any other NFTs.

The PJPP community is made up of “a lot of investors, venture capitalists, C-level position holders, young aspirational entrepreneurs,” Abrishamchi said.

That community has exacting standards when it comes to events, and PJPP has worked hard to bring its members together with engaging and entertaining gatherings. They include everything from networking brunches for International Women’s Day—nearly 40% of the PJPP membership is made up of women—to golf and go-karting tournaments held several times a year.

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