Eve Online players are notoriously hardcore.

Fans of the outer space role-playing game have spent the last two decades filling the persistent universe with epic-scale battles, launching in-game corporations with over 10,000 players, and developing community lore so extensive that multiple books have been written about it. They’ve also deployed extensive tools and data platforms around CCP Games’ creation, plugging holes and expanding on the game in ways that the Icelandic studio hadn’t conceived of.

CCP Games founder and CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson told Decrypt’s GG that half of the activity on Eve Online’s database is now generated by externally developed code.

Eve Online players embraced the decentralized ethos before Bitcoin was even a twinkle in Satoshi’s eye. But it was built as a “traditional” or Web2 online game by a centralized game studio. CCP has done its best to give the community access to data through APIs, which Pétursson calls “functional tools,”…

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