[Submitted on 15 May 2024]

View a PDF of the paper titled QMedShield: A Novel Quantum Chaos-based Image Encryption Scheme for Secure Medical Image Storage in the Cloud, by Arun Amaithi Rajan and Vetriselvi V

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Abstract:In the age of digital technology, medical images play a crucial role in the healthcare industry which aids surgeons in making precise decisions and reducing the diagnosis time. However, the storage of large amounts of these images in third-party cloud services raises privacy and security concerns. There are a lot of classical security mechanisms to protect them. Although, the advent of quantum computing entails the development of quantum-based encryption models for healthcare. Hence, we introduce a novel quantum chaos-based encryption scheme for medical images in this article. The model comprises bit-plane scrambling, quantum logistic map, quantum operations in the diffusion phase and hybrid chaotic map, DNA encoding, and computations in the confusion phase to transform the plain medical image into a cipher medical image. The proposed scheme has been evaluated using multiple statistical measures and validated against more attacks such as differential attacks with three different medical datasets. Hence the introduced encryption model has proved to be attack-resistant and robust than other existing image encryption schemes, ensuring the secure storage of medical images in cloud environments.

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