OpenSats, a non-profit organization that supports the development of free and open-source software and projects focusing on Bitcoin, announced today that it has received a $1,000,000 donation from The Reynolds Foundation

“As new supporters of OpenSats, we are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to engage with a community that exemplifies transparency, professionalism, and inclusivity, all while championing the acceleration of freedom,” said Dr. Álvaro Salas-Castro, Reynolds Foundation President & CEO. “We firmly believe that the process is just as crucial, if not more so, than the outcome. OpenSats stands as a testament to the power of both. Our organization embraces a shared mantra of joyful optimism paired with a pragmatic approach: Togetherness. This ethos, cultivated by the Reynolds Foundation under the visionary leadership of our founder, Tim Reynolds, embodies our commitment to freedom and scalability.”

The donation from the Reynolds Foundation will be dedicated entirely to supporting open-source projects and contributors working on freedom tech. Since OpenSats’ operational budget is funded separately, it allows them to dedicate 100% of donations to funding open-source initiatives, the announcement stated. 

OpenSats also encouraged fellow philanthropists to join their mission and contribute to funding open-source Bitcoin development. Individuals and organizations aligned with OpenSats’ mission are also invited to apply for grants here, per the announcement.

These funding opportunities allow passionate contributors working on Bitcoin and freedom tech to access the resources they need to support their projects.

“We warmly invite fellow philanthropists to join us in supporting this groundbreaking endeavor, OpenSats,” Salas-Castro continued. “Their work ensures that our collective efforts significantly impact the community we are dedicated to serving. Together, we can fix the money to fix the world.”

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