Almost every week lately, it seems there’s a new announcement that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has gone after yet another crypto company for alleged securities violations. And the crackdown doesn’t appear to be cooling down anytime soon.

Here’s a handy running list to keep track of all crypto-related actions that the SEC has taken of late, including confirmed Wells Notices informing companies of impending enforcement action, reported inquiries, and a recap of some of the biggest lawsuits still in progress.

Imminent Enforcement

Ethereum Foundation

Last week, previously redacted portions of a lawsuit filed by Ethereum software firm Consensys against the SEC revealed a bombshell: The agency has secretly considered ETH to be a security for over a year.

Per the suit, the SEC is actively investigating a number of American companies for their involvement in the buying and selling of ETH; it is also reportedly investigating ties between said companies and the…

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