arXiv:2404.10404v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: In this paper, we present a detailed approach and implementation to prove Ethereum full node using recursive SNARK, distributed general GKR and Groth16. Our protocol’s name is Sisu whose architecture is based on distributed Virgo in zkBridge with some major improvements. Besides proving signature aggregation, we provide solutions to 2 hard problems in proving Ethereum full node: 1) any public key is valid under previous beacon state and 2) all public keys are pairwise distinct. Our solution does not require worker-to-worker communication and therefore reduce total worker-to-worker network traffic from terabyte of data to zero compared to zkBridge. This makes our approach suitable for emerging distributed prover markets and more decentralized compared to zkBridge. Our design is highly parallelable and capable of running on GPU for most parts.

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