Stability AI, a leading artificial intelligence developer committed to the open-source ethos, released Stable Audio 2 this week, a new audio and music generator. It’s the first major point release since Stable Audio debuted in September, with a number of enhancements that ramp up the competition among tools from companies like Suno, Google’s MusicFX, and Meta’s AudioCraft.

“Stable Audio 2.0 enables high-quality, full tracks with coherent musical structure up to three minutes long at 44.1 kHz stereo from a single natural language prompt,” Stability AI declared.

The announcement comes amid a rocky time for Stability, which had reportedly depleted its cash reserves before CEO Emad Mostaque resigned two weeks ago.

The firm nonetheless continues to push forward in the open-source AI space. In addition to Stable Audio, the company launched a new coding LLM named Stable Code Instruct 3B on March 25 and released an advanced open-source text-to-video generator called Stable Video Diffusion

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