[PRESS RELEASE – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, May 3rd, 2024]

Protocol launches, growth trajectory, and industry-leading technology point toward more success to come

On the first anniversary of Sui’s Mainnet launch, the Sui community is celebrating a landmark year that saw it rise from a nascent ecosystem to the top tier of Layer 1 blockchains, amassing household name partners and shipping multiple technology breakthroughs in the process. In the build-up to its launch in 2023, the chatter around Sui reached a level of excitement that has not been matched by any chain that has launched since. The first anniversary of Sui represents a culmination of the remarkable milestones achieved by the network in its first year.

While centralized institutions face growing public distrust due to decades of anti-competitive and anti-consumer behavior and legacy blockchains lack the speed and technology to solve the problem, in a single year, Sui has emerged as the…

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