Brave New Coin a leading data analytics and research company backed by Techemy Ltd, has joined forces with Lightning-powered API paywall provider Sulu to bring the BLX index for Bitcoin to the Sparkwall platform.

Sulu and Brave New Coin will work together to bring the daily price of the BLX to web3 applications and others using the L402 protocol. This will allow developers and other users to readily access the BLX data, and pay using BTC on the Lightning network, taking advantage of lower fees and faster settlement. 

“Brave New Coin was an early provider of market data, indices and content for the digital asset industry, having launched the first Bitcoin index, the BLX, in 2015,” said Rory Manchee, CEO of Brave New Coin. “More recently, Brave New Coin has launched high-frequency, basket and thematic indices, to act as reference rates and settlement prices for derivatives, ETFs and other exchange-traded products.”

“Working with established and reputable enterprises such as Brave New Coin will be pivotal to Sulu’s success. Sulu’s product offering will allow companies to operate a usage based payment solution for monetising their APIs. Programmable access plans give API providers and their customers flexible payment options that are impossible using traditional payment rails,” said Susan O’Neill, CEO and Co-Founder of Sulu. “We are particularly excited by the AI aspect of our product as one of our first integrations has demonstrated how autonomous agents will now be able to access and pay for all APIs we monetise using L402.

In this example, an AI agent autonomously accessed and paid for a Sulu API endpoint. The micro transaction was paid in the US and fully settled in Europe seconds later! AI agents have previously been constrained by their inability to interact with paid services – Sulu is changing that, we are building the machine driven API economy of the future… and it is happening much faster than we anticipated! AI agents will now be able to access and pay for all APIs we monetize, now including the BLX.”

This long-term partnership will also enable premium data source owners such as Brave New Coin to generate new revenue streams and benefit from far cheaper fees than those charged by traditional payments providers. Sulu’s flexible API paywall design benefits all stakeholders by allowing developers to create custom-made API end-points within minutes as well as enabling enterprises to commercialize their data by creating premium APIs for developers to integrate.

The Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) provided by Brave New Coin works by providing a fair price of BTC reflecting the most liquid end of the market. With intraday, end of day price and volume inputs updated at a 30 second tick interval, developers in web3, decentralized finance and Dapp development will be well equipped to integrate the price of Bitcoin using an independent, reliable, third-party price source.

About Sulu

Sulu is a software infrastructure provider that allows companies to operate a usage based payment solution for monetising their APIs. This solution offers an AI agent friendly paywall that allows for flexible access plans and dynamic pricing, along with market leading reporting and analytics dashboards and functionalities. Whether you’re looking to monetise your API in the most cost effective way, using cutting edge technology or simply pay less for the data you consume, Sulu can assist.

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About Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin  (BNC) is a data and research company focused on the blockchain, crypto, digital asset, DeFi, web3 and NFT industry. Founded in 2014, BNC provides data, analysis and research to a global network of market participants. Brave New Coin supplies content via partners such as Dow Jones Factiva, Refinitv, Barchart and dozens more. The company’s experience and expertise make it the leading provider of standard and non-standard institutional grade, highly compliant, data solutions.  

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