Perhaps no sector contributes more colorful characters to the global elite than crypto. In the last decade, the digital assets industry has made zillionaires out of geeks, thieves, corporate suits, and shadowy, anonymous internet users in almost equal measure. 

Take, for instance, the anonymous hacker who stole more than $2 million worth of BTC and ETH from now-shuttered Hong Kong crypto exchange Gatecoin in 2016. The Gatecoin hacker hasn’t touched his coins since absconding with the funds eight years ago. The loot’s value today is a whopping $542 million—and counting. 

Then there’s Rain Lohmus, the Estonian businessman who shelled out a paltry $75,000 during Ethereum’s 2014 presale for 250,000 ETH. Lohmus is now the world’s largest individual ETH holder—with just one hitch: he lost the private keys to his Ethereum wallet years ago. Lohmus’ crypto holdings—which he will likely never be able to access—are currently worth about $869 million

Even those lofty…

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