arXiv:2404.12465v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: Any human-designed system can potentially be exploited in ways that its designers did not envision, and information systems or networks using quantum components do not escape this reality. We are presented with a unique but quickly waning opportunity to bring cybersecurity concerns to the forefront for quantum information systems before they become widely deployed. The resources and knowledge required to do so, however, may not be common in the cybersecurity community. Yet, a nexus exist. Cybersecurity starts with risk, and there are good taxonomies for security vulnerabilities and impacts in classical systems. In this paper, we propose a preliminary taxonomy for quantum cybersecurity vulnerabilities that accounts for the latest advances in quantum information systems, and must evolve to incorporate well-established cybersecurity principles and methodologies. We envision a testbed environment designed and instrumented with the specific purpose of enabling a broad collaborative community of cybersecurity and quantum information system experts to conduct experimental evaluation of software and hardware security including both physical and virtual quantum components. Furthermore, we envision that such a resource may be available as a user facility to the open science research community.

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