With an ever-growing number of blockchain projects, achieving interoperability and scalability between blockchains is increasingly important.

Polkadot’s solution to this challenge is ‘parachains,’ a technical approach to allowing distinct blockchains to scale and work together effectively and safely, leveraging the Polkadot network’s guarantees of security, isolation, and communication.

What are parachains?

Unlike most other blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadot isn’t built to have much inherent functionality. Instead, Polkadot acts as a ‘Relay Chain’ on top of which multiple parallel layer-1 blockchains, known as parachains, can be hosted side-by-side.

These different blockchains can be built for specific use cases, and then come together to form an ‘internet of blockchains’. These different blockchains can all natively use Polkadot’s token DOT, as a common currency.

By design, the Relay Chain does not support things like smart contracts, dapps, or even the…

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