The concept of liquid restaking, a topic that has gained significant popularity in recent quarters, offers users the exciting possibility to extract additional value from their staked tokens.

Predominantly, however, this has been applied throughout a variety of Ethereum-based applications.

BounceBit, on the other hand, is delivering a BTC restaking infrastructure designed to provide a foundational layer for various restaking products.

In the following guide, we take a closer look at how BounceBit works, the tokenomics behind its native cryptocurrency, and more. Let’s dive in.

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What is Liquid Restaking?

Before we explain what BounceBit does, it’s important to understand the concept of liquid restaking that we mentioned above.

You might be familiar with liquid staking protocols and their liquid staking tokens (LSTs). It’s a mechanism that came to prominence with protocols like Lido. Users are able to stake their ETH into Lido (or other…

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